Creating an online classroom

Creating a sense of community is so important for the online student and instructor.  As with any new experience, it is important to relieve any anxious moments about something new.

The online classroom, virtual classroom can be a new and exiting experience for the online learner.  Creating small groups specializing in one particular segment of the content area is helpful.  In creating the smaller group, it gives the learner a sense of belonging to a manageable venue. To begin a class, especially for first time virtual learners, I have found pictures to be effective in easing the ‘fear of the unknown’.

In future postings, I would like to explore methods and content integration for online learning.  Virtual classrooms are definitely an educational destiny.  The link below is just a short example of how the world is changing.


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Ed.D.,Leadership and Learning Rivier College, expected 2014 Adjunct Professor of Business, Rivier College Business Educator, Nashua School District
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5 Responses to Creating an online classroom

  1. Sue says:

    Love the video!! I have a whole collection of these types of videos, but didn’t have that one! Well, I have it saved now! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Joan Breault says:

    The video pointed out two things that I really liked: Flexible lessons and that learning is not just done at a desk. As educators, we need a variety of tools in our toolbox to meet the various needs and learning styles of those we teach. Approaches such as on-line learning and experiential education are valuable tools that can enhance the learning of students who do not respond as well to traditional approaches.

  3. Anne Dilts says:

    Loved your blog- the video is very compelling!

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  5. Linda Shaw says:

    The video was really informative. There is a great deal to be made of non traditional learning and learning outside of the classroom. You did a good job with your blog.

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